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“Absinthe so fast, so foul-mouthed and yet so talented.” With a title like that, we just had to share this amazing review from Chris Boyd at The Australian. Read on and stand convinced that you just can’t miss this show!

Photographs don’t capture it, perhaps can’t capture it, but Absinthe is an extraordinarily polished, dynamic, bullet-train of a show. And let’s not forget racy. The 15+ age rating is not for anything seen or done, but for what is said. Our emcee, the Gazillionaire, would have to be the most foul-mouthed, offensive and scintillatingly bigoted comic I have ever encountered.

The (perhaps wisely) uncredited performer is so fast — and his laser-guided sniping on unsuspecting audience members is lethal — that we simply don’t have time to be affronted. So, if racial, social, political and sexual profiling (and stereotyping) offends … well, so much the better. The tirades are oddly purgative.

The Gazillionaire’s sidekick, Penny Pibbets, adds pornographically detailed rants to the mix. (There was much gasping and face-palming from the Saturday night crowd.) Her child-like Yankee drawl makes the monologues sound like mad scenes from a late-1970s teen slasher. With added bodily fluids.

Along with chanteuse Karla Tonkich, who opens proceedings with a bare-arsed and bedroomy version of Morphine’s Early to Bed, the Gazillionaire and Penny P give Absinthe an irresistible momentum.

That said, if “chief creative officer” Wayne Harrison had merely given us a series of circus acts, Absinthe would still rate pretty highly with audiences and critics alike. There are most extraordinary bodies doing most extraordinary things.

Belarus duo Aliaksandr Yurkaveats and Andrew Sizonenko are a definition of pacy precision in their horizontal bar double act, performed in jeans and white T-shirts. They defy expectations of gravity, torsion and momentum. The act looks animated or like a film played backwards. But the sheer proximity of their long, muscular bodies gives a very real sense that we’re being swooped by huge birds of prey.

Equally improbable is the hand-balancing act from Poles Michal Tomasz Nowosadko and Zbigniew Sobierajski, whose musculature is so extraordinary he’s like a living ecorche. Angie Sylvia looks like she is new to the bubble strip routine, but is impressive in her fire-eating burlesque dance. It’s the kind of act one would encounter in a Burlesque Hour show. Flesh, flash and talent galore.

Chris Boyd, The Australian, March 30, 2015 12:00AM

Absinthe is now showing on the rooftop at Crown. Get your tickets quick sticks!

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