Making waves in Newcastle


“Perhaps never in the history of Newcastle has the city been under such a heavy nightly siege,” says Jim Kellar of the Newcastle Herald. After a whirlwind 4 week season, the Spiegelworld team departed Newcastle on a high, leaving a trail of great reviews, lasting memories and endless shame in its wake.

Absinthe hosts, Gazillionaire and Penny Pibbets quickly became “the most feared duo in town” and garnered much attention for their “profanely obscene and humorous abuse – generously spiced with the F-word – and audience interaction.” Even the local footy studs couldn’t escape with the Herald sharing a snap (above) of unsuspecting Newcastle Knights players, Nathan Ross, Sione Utautai, and Kurt Gidley who suffered a relentless running gag that unfortunately, was too saucy for the family paper to print!

Brittany Herron at Newcastle Live gushed about our “team of international performers of the highest calibre, each adding their own unique flair to the show.” She went on to say, “Where I believe the most praise for Absinthe should fall is in its showcase of immense human strength and unwavering focus. These performers have devoted their lives to rigorous training and physical refining in order to execute some incredibly risky, and often death-defying, tricks.”

The lovely Jeannette Delamoir at described Absinthe as, “a kaleidoscope of skills, moods, energy levels, and musical styles.” She went on to say, “All acts are breathtaking; music choices and sound design are delivered through a high-quality system; visual aspects, from atmospheric lighting to the red velvet drapes to the costumes, are all impressive, put together by a high-calibre creative team.”

But it was Nick Milligan at the Maitland Mercury who paid us the ultimate compliment when he said, “Spiegelworld is not so much Cirque du Soleil’s evil twin, it’s more a distant relative who’s served prison time and is off the Christmas card list.” Now where can we get that printed on a t-shirt?!

Absinthe is currently wowing audiences on the rooftop at Crown Melbourne. Get your tickets now!

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